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In case someone is having a look at this page, things are still happening.

Visit the Meet up group Mailing list or forum or the GIT HUB page for a view of what is going on.

We will try to move away from meetup once we have an alternative solution!

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Minor Video editing with batch possibilities.

Hi just a quick post to share what I have discovered and maybe someone might suggest a better way of doing things next time. Or answer some of my questions. I think it will be useful for people wanting to create video tutorials for trisquel

The case scenario:
I had a couple of videos that were recorded as mp4 from a mobilephone these videos showed on my computer screen at an 90 deg angle due to the recording angle. I could just flip the screen to view the videos but I wanted to share the videos. I also wanted to add subtitles to it and be able to make the letters larger so that my grandmother could read it. I am running trisquel-mini on an 6 year old netbook. I could not find how to flip the angle openshot or pitivi. I tried converting to ogv but I messed up the resolution so tips to improve this by using ogv or webm would be best: that way a simple webbrowser could open the files, right? if you want to use a window and click on to things you can ignore the sudo apt-get install and run the synaptic package manager and look for the programs there and check the several checkboxes and click apply.

The proposed solution:

Following a comment seen on [0]
I installed mediainfo

$sudo apt-get install mediainfo
$ mediainfo FilmOriginal.mp4

I checked frames per second (under the video category) 30.062 I also checked the overall bit rate 895k
I installed avconv (seems that ffmpeg is depreciated for this kind of thing?, don’t know).

$ sudo apt-get install avconv
$ avconv -i FilmOriginal.mp4 -r 30.062 -vf transpose=1 -b:v 895k FilmTranspose.mp4

Checked that the video worked. yay!

I used Use gnome subtitle for creating subtitles. I had to make sure to save save as *.srt, utf-8 and unix line breaks. I was having trouble with the ISO bits because my ñ and é í ó ú (spanish characters were not getting there).

$sudo apt-get install gnome-subtitles

under video >load> Filmtranspose.mp4
new file
There is a nifty menu item under edit that will jump to the moment in time you want to add the subtitle.

Then I wanted to add the subtitle, it seems avconv can do that as well, but I was unable to find out how. some -attach options or -scode that I did not manage to put in the right place. So I used mencoder [1]

$sudo apt-get install mencoder
$ mencoder -sub FilmSubtitles.srt -sub-bg-color 0 -sub-bg-alpha 1 -subfont-text-scale 3.5 -subfont-outline 0 -subfont-blur 0 -subcp UTF-8 -ovc x264 -oac pcm -o filmtransposedandsubtitles.mp4 FilmTranspose.mp4

-subcp is dependant on the language.
-sub subs.srt tells the encoder which subtitle file to use
-sub-bg-color 0 tells the encoder to use black as the font-background color -sub-bg-alpha 1 tells the encoder to use minimum transparency. 0 will make the font-background totally transparent -subfont-text-scale 3.5 sets the subtitle font size to a percentage -oac (audio) and – ovc (video) I am unsure why I cannot copy it directly: probably because it is mp4. I keep getting warnings saying I am not using avi.

And that is all I learnt. it would be great if someone could shed some light as a better way of doing this. But this seemed to work with OK quality.

http://step4wd.com/2013/02/07/rotate-flip-video-files-in-ubuntu-linux/ [1]


November 27, 2013

As we’ve moved away from using “hacker” in our group name I’ve finally moved the website. Still using a free one for now, but it’s also shorter. Welcome to the newish http://www.kml.dreamhosters.com

I’ve also created Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/kingstonmakerlabs ) and Twitter ( https://twitter.com/KingstonMakers ) accounts for the group. Finally we are on HackerSpaces.org ( http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Kingston_Makerlabs )

Duck Duck go everywhere!

Hi I am really proud of myself. I managed to write up an XML with some common sense. I tweeted the results to ddg.gg


basically it is a little bit of text that helps to search using ddg on thunderbird (email client).

It is on my firefox default search engin, i have the android app and gnome3 extension is set to default to it as well

I am really happy right now!

I cancelled yet another appointment!

Hi all,
I am really sorry.
Next week (the10) i have changed the meetup to go to the neighbourhood forum. They will be discussing future projects in the area and i would like to showcase the workshops.

On the 17th i had to cancel completely for personal reasons.

The space is clearly hinging too much on me. I am trying to find someone to open the door when I am not available.
The problem is that when we left last time there had been an attempt of break-in to little house. It has been reported to the police and as I said nothing went missing. I guess it was some kids just curious about the house. So I would need to a) vouch for the person b) be local enough to be able to give them the keys at short notice. If anybody thinks they fit the profile let me know.

In other lines, I am moving the NPL makerspace on choosing a date for the first meetup. Looks like it might be a friday according to the duddle calender.

So I would strongly recommend proposing a new meeting soon in some local pub to at least get to know more of the group.

Again, sorry.


Another Hack for writting stuff up

I am testing this procedure for writting things up like articles or preparing a presentation.

You take small notes and just write down ideas as they come you later tidy them up in order until you got your story straight. Remember to start with an introduction and always end with a conclusion!

Simple Hacks I discovered

It seems that before you paint a wall you need to clean the surface with something called sugar soap. Turns out it is not sugar but does look like some kind of detergent. The label is half right. After that you clean it again with water. Then you “paint”it with some sticky stuff called PVA and let it dry (again). And then you can paint. Of course before all that you should have used the filler and sand it down. Mental.

Sorry for lack of formating testing out the email to post facility.

I plan on adding the RSS feed to the Ham United Group inc. Petersham website. I now have to write up an article that will go on the Ham and Petersham magazine. Wish me luck.